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“Do Nothing” Meditation is all about achieving your goals through releasing the tensions carried in mind and body.

The “Do Nothing” refers to not adding to nor denying any part of our selves that is.


The “Do Nothing” Meditation Course of Meditations

The purpose of Do-Nothing (DN) meditation is to remove all the attachments
we have collected through our lives. In doing this we are clear to live freely,
authentically and fearlessly.
DN is a series of repeating guided meditations designed to allow the student
to reconnect with their bodies. In this reconnection, blockages and
attachments are more easily located and released.
Given the stresses and nature of life, a repetition of the cycle of
meditations continues to maintain the clearances achieved. It also removes
newer attachments before they “bed down” into the physical plane.
The more numerous the cycles, the clearer the student becomes. This
releases energies previously used to balance internal paradoxes.

Focus of the meditations:
Sessions 1 – 3.
These are designed to teach or remind the student of the benefits of sitting
quietly breathing. They are about reconnecting to the breath and the simple
power of this act.

Session 4.
Introduces the student to the chakras. Their location, purpose and colours.

Sessions 5 – 11.
Focuses on each of the physical chakras. How each functions and the
breathing techniques needed for release.

Sessions 12 – 14.
Connects the student with the larger universal energies surrounding us. It
does this through aligning with celestial bodies and their energies.

Session 15.
A general deep meditation wrapping up the past 14 weeks.


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