The word itself is loaded. Images of Buddhist monks sitting cross-legged in silence, hippies chanting in unison and Indian gurus with thousands of devotees.
While all these are types of meditation, “Do Nothing” comes from a different place.

With thirty-five years of meditation behind me I have developed the “Do Nothing” system for those without a deep religious drive. Although even those with such a drive will receive great value too.

Whilst I use some tools from the Indian and Chinese traditions, I also base the guided meditations upon neurological research. The ultimate aim of meditation is to reduce stresses and increase a sense of calm and wellbeing, it also allows us to deal with the realities of life with composure and poise.

I’m aiming to post weekly. Covering ideas from sitting positions and why we should use them to the neurological effects of mantras.

I will also be publishing a podcast with short five minute meditations. These will meet needs as diverse as “a good night’s sleep” to “preparing for a job interview”.

I hope you will join me on this journey.


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