The Base Chakra | grounding in Reality

Colour: Red

The base chakra is located on the pelvic floor between the genitals and the anus. It is
the primary energy centre which connects us with the Earth. We draw
grounding energies in through this chakra. It is the key energy locus for
remaining in touch with reality.

Learning to feel our connection through this chakra is the first step to understanding ourselves and our place in the world. It is the connection which grounds us.

Whenever I’m feeling out of touch with the world around me, I know now this connection is need of attention.

There are two ways I remedy this.

  1. I drop into a meditative state. I draw energy in through the top of my head and, at times, force it or let it flow out through my base chakra. From there I send the energy deep into the earth. With each in breath I drive the energy a little deeper in the earth. Eventually I feel when this has been sent far enough into the planet. At this point, I hold my attention at the end of the beam of energy. here it sits until I feel it change. Leaving the beam of energy anchored, I draw the newly changed energy back up the beam to my base chakra. Here it permeates outward a little, say a hand width in all directions. I then sit in this energy far as long as it feels necessary. Then I bring my attention back to room I’m in whilst leaving the beam of energy in place. I am now grounded, or perhaps, re-grounded.
  2. I place my hands on a tree. I do this only after being given permission by the tree. I feel my energies come into sync with the flows of the tree. Three or four breathes are normally sufficient. I then stand in our synchronised energies until I feel my feet settling firmly into the earth. At this point I am grounded.

I recommend either of these methods for when you feel disconnected.

These are simple base chakra techniques. Practice them and when needed your energies will quickly re-ground for you.

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