The Stomach Chakra | The Power Centre

Colour: Yellow.

This is located a hand width below the naval, the Stomach Chakra is our power centre. The
energies of drive, fight or flight and determination are located here. It
forms the third and last of the lower chakras. As a unit these lower chakras
connect us with our basic urges and desires. They determine who we are.
Blockages here are particularly damaging to our sense of self and self worth.

The energies of this chakra have become part of our language. Butterflies in the stomach is an apt description of energies both excited and wary. We listen or at least we should, to our gut instincts, reactions. They are our connection to reality.

The Stomach chakra is driven by the connections through the Sacral and Base chakras to the Earth, these three chakras are often incorrectly called the animal chakras. They are more correctly called the instinctual chakras. The deep connections to reality, to Nature and to the core of the planet’s essence give these chakras, when working in harmony, a power beyond the logical. They work best in balance with the three uppermost chakras but we will explore that in another post.

It is important to feel the sense of power and balance within this chakra’s gift. When we are on track, the Stomach Chakra is like a gyroscope, keeping us level and well regulated. When blocked or out of balance, we can suffer intestinal disharmonies and or be filled with a sense of aimlessness. The meditations around this chakra are all about dynamic balance but we will cover that in another post.

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