Throat Chakra | Speaking your Truth

Colour: Blue

This is located at the base of the throat where the front of the neck meets
the chest.

This is the chakra of expression. Its energies relate to both clear speaking and clarity of listening. It relates to our ability to clearly and honestly state our needs and desires. Once we start to do this we develop an aura of quiet strength without a hint of bullying. For to speak our needs clearly requires us to see and hear the needs of others.

The throat chakra is the first of the “Upper” chakras and is therefore more connected with thoughts, the ethereal and the spiritual. These qualities can be ungrounded if the “Lower” chakras are not in good connection with the Earth.

Heart Chakra | Giving and Receiving Love

4 Heart Chakra Colour: Green/Pink.

This is located on the mid line of the sternum at nipple level. This chakra
represents the balance point between the lower and the upper units of
chakras. It is the meeting point of the earthy lower chakras and the ethereal upper chakras.

The Heart Chakra is about the energies of giving love (pink) and receiving love
(green). Disharmonies here can upset the whole body/spirit alignments and

Giving love is a relatively straight forward idea. But, and there is always a but, we need to interrogate our motives. In my own journey, I came to realise I was giving love with the intention of being safe. I was, somewhat subconsciously and more consciously with observation, giving love with a motive. My motive being that I would be safe if I looked after others and they would, therefore, have no reason to attack me. Over time I’ve come to give love simply as an act of love, with no expectations. I am still attacked from time to time but I have come to accept that is not a part of a bargain with the universe. It just happens sometimes and the individual simply needs more love.

If learning to love unconditionally can be a slippery slope, receiving love is a mine field. “I’m not worthy.” “Why me?” and any other number of doubts can and do manifest. Learning to accept love, as a birth right, happens hand in hand with the ability to truly give unconditional love.

There is after all, a reason the Heart Chakra is a twinned chakra. Giving and receiving are but the same thing once we see clearly. And learning to see clearly is one of the gifts of the heart Chakra.

We will explore this further in the future. Simply allow this idea to assimilate for it is liberating.

The Sacral Chakra | Connection with Others

Colour: Orange

The is located in the sacrum. The triangular bone in the top of the pelvis. It
is the chakra of sexuality, sexual expression and creativity. It is how we connect with
others on this earthly plane.

Disharmonies in this chakra are related to menstrual and menopausal issues in females and erectile dysfunctions in males.

Reconnecting to the energies of this chakra whilst nourishing them through the Base will alleviate many of the physical symptoms. Seeing them as bathed in orange light during meditation is also beneficial.

This is difficult chakra for many to face as it brings up emotional as well as physical pains. Those who have been sexually assaulted will benefit from professional help beyond the scope of this blog.

Feeling the state of the energy in the lower trunk from hip bone to hip bone and down to a couple of finger widths above the Base Chakra will give you a good handle on the condition your Sacral Chakra. by dividing the area in two through your mid line and rotating the energies in two pools so that where they meet the energy is flowing forward. See how this feels. Reverse the flows as note any differences.

Getting to know your Sacral Chakra takes time. Understanding the feedback loop involving emotions, the Sacral and the physical even more time. Remember with understanding comes knowledge, in this case self knowledge and that is worth pursuing.

The Base Chakra | grounding in Reality

Colour: Red

The base chakra is located on the pelvic floor between the genitals and the anus. It is
the primary energy centre which connects us with the Earth. We draw
grounding energies in through this chakra. It is the key energy locus for
remaining in touch with reality.

Learning to feel our connection through this chakra is the first step to understanding ourselves and our place in the world. It is the connection which grounds us.

Whenever I’m feeling out of touch with the world around me, I know now this connection is need of attention.

There are two ways I remedy this.

  1. I drop into a meditative state. I draw energy in through the top of my head and, at times, force it or let it flow out through my base chakra. From there I send the energy deep into the earth. With each in breath I drive the energy a little deeper in the earth. Eventually I feel when this has been sent far enough into the planet. At this point, I hold my attention at the end of the beam of energy. here it sits until I feel it change. Leaving the beam of energy anchored, I draw the newly changed energy back up the beam to my base chakra. Here it permeates outward a little, say a hand width in all directions. I then sit in this energy far as long as it feels necessary. Then I bring my attention back to room I’m in whilst leaving the beam of energy in place. I am now grounded, or perhaps, re-grounded.
  2. I place my hands on a tree. I do this only after being given permission by the tree. I feel my energies come into sync with the flows of the tree. Three or four breathes are normally sufficient. I then stand in our synchronised energies until I feel my feet settling firmly into the earth. At this point I am grounded.

I recommend either of these methods for when you feel disconnected.

These are simple base chakra techniques. Practice them and when needed your energies will quickly re-ground for you.

Meditation – First Steps.

The whole point of meditation is to calm us down sufficiently to see the world as it really is.

To that end it involves basically two techniques. Mindfulness and One Pointedness. In a sense they are the same thing but still different. I’ll cover mindfulness in another post.

This post will be devoted to One Pointedness. It is ideal for beginners through to experienced meditators.

This technique involves focusing the mind upon a single point. Now that point can be a candle flame, a spot on a wall, or even a voice. This website will be producing meditations using voice as the focus of the mind in the near future.

Naturally when we begin or even re-begin after a break, keeping our mind focused upon that one point is surprisingly difficult. Our thoughts wander, things just pop into our heads and for any number of reasons we lose focus.

The key is to be gentle with ourselves. Realise this is all part of the process. When you notice your mind has wandered, gently, very gently, simply bring your mind back to the focus decided upon before starting.

It is easy to start berating ourselves for loosing focus, do not do this. This is just another distraction from our point of focus.

As I said, be gentle, bring your focus back and keep breathing as you re-focus onto the candle flame, the spot on the wall or the voice in a guided meditation.

Know that all this will take time but it will happen.

Start small, set your phone’s timer for two minutes. Try sitting or lying down and breathing. Focus on your object of one pointed attention and let it happen. Being your mind back if it wanders and enjoy the process.

One day you will simply be aware at the end of your meditation that your mind has not wandered at all. Extend the length of time you set your timer for and begin again.

Good luck and happy breathing.