Heart Chakra | Giving and Receiving Love

4 Heart Chakra Colour: Green/Pink.

This is located on the mid line of the sternum at nipple level. This chakra
represents the balance point between the lower and the upper units of
chakras. It is the meeting point of the earthy lower chakras and the ethereal upper chakras.

The Heart Chakra is about the energies of giving love (pink) and receiving love
(green). Disharmonies here can upset the whole body/spirit alignments and

Giving love is a relatively straight forward idea. But, and there is always a but, we need to interrogate our motives. In my own journey, I came to realise I was giving love with the intention of being safe. I was, somewhat subconsciously and more consciously with observation, giving love with a motive. My motive being that I would be safe if I looked after others and they would, therefore, have no reason to attack me. Over time I’ve come to give love simply as an act of love, with no expectations. I am still attacked from time to time but I have come to accept that is not a part of a bargain with the universe. It just happens sometimes and the individual simply needs more love.

If learning to love unconditionally can be a slippery slope, receiving love is a mine field. “I’m not worthy.” “Why me?” and any other number of doubts can and do manifest. Learning to accept love, as a birth right, happens hand in hand with the ability to truly give unconditional love.

There is after all, a reason the Heart Chakra is a twinned chakra. Giving and receiving are but the same thing once we see clearly. And learning to see clearly is one of the gifts of the heart Chakra.

We will explore this further in the future. Simply allow this idea to assimilate for it is liberating.