The Sacral Chakra | Connection with Others

Colour: Orange

The is located in the sacrum. The triangular bone in the top of the pelvis. It
is the chakra of sexuality, sexual expression and creativity. It is how we connect with
others on this earthly plane.

Disharmonies in this chakra are related to menstrual and menopausal issues in females and erectile dysfunctions in males.

Reconnecting to the energies of this chakra whilst nourishing them through the Base will alleviate many of the physical symptoms. Seeing them as bathed in orange light during meditation is also beneficial.

This is difficult chakra for many to face as it brings up emotional as well as physical pains. Those who have been sexually assaulted will benefit from professional help beyond the scope of this blog.

Feeling the state of the energy in the lower trunk from hip bone to hip bone and down to a couple of finger widths above the Base Chakra will give you a good handle on the condition your Sacral Chakra. by dividing the area in two through your mid line and rotating the energies in two pools so that where they meet the energy is flowing forward. See how this feels. Reverse the flows as note any differences.

Getting to know your Sacral Chakra takes time. Understanding the feedback loop involving emotions, the Sacral and the physical even more time. Remember with understanding comes knowledge, in this case self knowledge and that is worth pursuing.