The Chakras

1 The Base Chakra Colour: Red

This is located on the pelvic floor between the genitals and the anus. It is
the primary energy centre which connects us with the Earth. We draw
grounding energies in through this chakra. It is the key energy locus for
remaining in touch with reality.

2 The Sacral Chakra Colour: Orange

The is located in the sacrum. The triangular bone in the top of the pelvis. It
is the chakra of sexual expression and creativity. It is how we connect with
others on this earthly plane.

3 The Stomach Chakra Colour: Yellow.

This is located a hand width below the naval. It is our power centre. The
energies of drive, fight or flight and determination are located here. It
forms the third and last of the lower chakras. As a unit these lower chakras
connect us with our basic urges and desires. They determine who we are.
Blockages here are particularly damaging to our sense of self and self worth.

4 Heart Chakra Colour: Green/Pink.

This is located on the mid line of the sternum at nipple level. This chakra
represents the balance point between the lower and the upper units of
chakras. It is about the energies of giving love (pink) and receiving love
(green). Disharmonies here can upset the whole body/spirit alignments and

5 Throat Chakra Colour: Blue

This is located at the base of the throat where the front of the neck meets
the chest. This is the chakra of expression. Its energies relate to both clear
speaking and clarity of listening.

6 Third Eye Chakra Colour: Violet

This is located on the centre line of the forehead, two finger widths above
the eyebrow line. The energies associated with this chakra are related to
inspiration and intuition.

7 Crown Chakra Colour: White.

This is located on the top of the head where a line drawn from the nose to
the top of the spine meets a line drawn from one ear hole to the other. This
chakra regulates energies received from the cosmos. It is our direct
connection to the divine. Chakras 5-7 as unit represent the upper chakras.
They are our human energy centres acting as a balance to the lower