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At high school and college I performed well and did what was expected of me. I even learned meditation and yoga. Then I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and spent the next 5 years in bed. Meditation became impossible.

A few years later, with the guidance of a friend and mentor, Don Morrison, I came across the power of Do Nothing Meditation. I spent the best part of a year in silence, practicing this meditation, and learned the true nature of being human and how to balance my mind with my inner wisdom and creative genius (which I had no idea that I had!). 

From then on, the world looked different: It was easier to make decisions and take leaps, I wasn’t as affected by what others thought, and I felt better about myself, regardless of what was happening. I stopped pushing myself to the point of burnout and I was able to tap into my dreams. I felt more relaxed—and it took very little effort.

When dealing with matters of the mind and what it is to be human, it is easy to over-intellectualize and miss the point. My teachings are simple, accessible for any age, and have far-reaching benefits. I am dedicated to showing people there is an easier way.

LISA ESILE is the co-author/illustrator of Whose Mind is It Anyway. She has a master’s degree in science, regularly guest blogs on, and her first e-book was downloaded over 12,000 times. Lisa grew up in New Zealand and now lives in the U.S. with her daughter and husband, Franco (co-author of Whose Mind Is It Anyway?).


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