The Beginner's Guide To
"Do Nothing Meditation"

"A Simple 3-Day Method To Feeling Calmer and More Connected to Your Inner Wise Self (Perfect for People Who Find Normal Meditation Hard!)"


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"The Beginner's Guide To Do Nothing Meditation"

"This Outstanding 3-Part Video Series Reveals How To Let Go Of Unhelpful Mind Chatter And Connect To Your Inner GPS, But Only For Those Looking For a Calmer, More Inspired Way!"

"Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you get in The Beginner's Guide To Do Nothing Meditation:..."

  • Makes it easy to feel grounded - Fast!
  • Not another thing to add to your to-do list
  • Begin the journey of using the full force of your inner wisdom
  • ​Come up with creative solutions for work and life challenges ... even if you're super busy
  • ​Uncover the steps you can follow to reduce anxiety
  • ​Quit needless worry about having to think positively all the time - For Eternity!

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