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So, Why Do Nothing Meditation?

Life can be tricky. Sometimes you know you want to change but not how; other times, you don't know where to start. You try lots of things but nothing sticks. Or maybe you like your path, you're just too exhausted to enjoy it. You want to be more productive, but you're already working too many hours.

Enter... Do Nothing Meditation (DNM)

DNM helps you hear insights and creative solutions that instantly help you focus. It helps you feel connected and grounded to what you already have, and turns down the volume on anxious thoughts.

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What Other Students Say ...


"I have seen MASSIVE change in the past few weeks.  I have really seen my mind settle, I am definitely more calm and grounded and also starting to explore some really amazing ideas that came to visit! I am very glad i chose this program; it was the perfect time. I can solve problems more easily I have so much more energy and so much more!"


I’m able to arrive at a kind of clarity about what to do next without having to try and do it in an intellectual way, It’s much more effortless. And I feel like when I then pay attention to something, the attention I pay to it is richer and more productive. ... it’s changing my life completely.

Laura Lloyd, Eating Psychology Coach

Do Nothing Meditation Is The Secret to Striding Boldly Into The Life You Desire

Without Do Nothing Meditation

  • Stuck: You change your mind frequently, unable to stick to a plan. You feel rudderless.
  • Stressed: You worry and feel out of balance, unable to enjoy the present moment. You want to control your life instead of live in the flow of it.
  • Exhausted: You work hard to change; when that doesn't help, you work harder, causing burnout 

With Do Nothing Meditation

  • ​​Productive: Tapped into your inner desires, you're focused and excited to move forward. Decisions become effortless.
  • Creative: You're innovative; creative solutions appear quickly.
  • Energized: By taking time out (the right way) you have more energy and zest for life.

Do You Want to Feel More Grounded, Productive, and Creative?

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 The Do Nothing Meditation School Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed ...

Whose Mind Is It Anyway by Lisa and Franco Esile


Do Nothing Meditation: 5-Week Course  

In this foundational course you'll learn how to do DNM and why it's such a valuable tool today. You'll explore the true nature of what it is to be human, understand thoughts and beliefs, as well as how to manage unpleasant thoughts. You'll learn about personal wisdom: where to find it and how to use it everyday for big and small challenges. Plus, how to live in balance so you can feel more energized, how to tap into your wellspring of creativity, and lots more.

Whose Mind Is It Anyway by Lisa and Franco Esile

Weekly Coaching Call

Weekly Group Coaching 

Be part of the Do Nothing Meditation community and get your questions answered on the weekly live coaching calls. Sometimes you learn more from listening to other people's questions than asking your own. Can't make the call? Submit your question before the call and listen to the replay.

Whose Mind Is It Anyway by Lisa and Franco Esile

Monthly Bonus Content

Success Masterlass 

Every month we'll laser in on a new topic to make your even life better.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the productivity bootcamp course! As everything you have shared this is pure gold! I have unfinished projects all the time. This is like me forever!" Katerina

THIS is the simplest way to get your Life on Track and Feel calm, Confident, and inspired about life  ... ”

Here's What Do Nothing Meditation is Not

  • ​Not another thing to add to your to do list.You'll learn new techniques and tools that'll instantly help. But you won't leave this training thinking, "And now I have to do this, too!"
  • ​Not another exercise in Mindfulness: You do not have to be "mindful" of your thoughts.
  • ​Not a practice that requires you to have a calm mind before you start. Or finish for that matter!
  • ​Not an exercise in sitting rigid. You are free to move about as you need to.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I have access to when I'm on the free trail?

As soon as you sign up for a subscription you'll have access to the full training area, including the first week of the DNM course, plus full access to all other trainings.  

Will I still have access to the training videos If I cancel?

No. But you'll have copies of workbooks you've downloaded so that you can take the learning with you.

What does it cost?

$49 Per month. 

Is this a one-off fee?

No. You pay a monthly fee for as long as you are enjoying the content and getting the benefits. You can cancel at anytime.  

Do You Offer a Refund?

Yes, we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days. 

What if I can't do DNM?

Do Nothing Meditation is perfect for people who struggle with traditional meditation. It's also suited to meditation teachers and people who have never meditated.

Is there anyone who shouldn't do DNM?

Extended periods of Do Nothing Meditation, or any meditation for that matter, are not suitable for people experiencing significant mental health issues. However, many of the principles of taking time out and doing nothing can be applied to everyone. 

When is the Weekly Coaching Call

Tuesday 11am PST. All calls will be recorded and replays available.

Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% believe in yourself... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too. Everything you need, you already have. It's inside you. And doing nothing, is the quickest way to tap into it. 


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