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If You Want To Rapidly and Predictably Feel More Grounded and Tapped Into Your Inner GPS, So You Can Get More Done, then the Do Nothing Meditation Method Is For You!

This is a Beta Test, So You Will Have First Access to This Unique Teaching and Get Extra Support Throughout, at a massively reduced price!

"My Mind Never Shuts Up!" 

 What If I Can't Do "Do-Nothing Meditation?"

As you probably saw from the video above, this 5-week Coaching Program is PERFECT for people who struggle with traditional meditation.The truth is that learning this simple technique is the FAST TRACK to accessing peace and inner wisdom so you can experience the connectivity and balance you dream about.

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Exclusive Group!

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The Do Nothing Meditation Program

Was created for two reasons:

Better Life!

  • Feel more grounded so you can appreciate the life you have 
  • Find Clarity so that decisions become effortless
  • Get More Done: Stop spinning your wheels and hone in on what's really important
  • Reduce Anxiety and make peace with your brain, just the way it is
  • ​Boost Creativity and sail through projects with greater ease 

Better Business!

  • Innovate: Come up with creative solutions, seemingly out of thin air
  • Feel more confident so you can take the leaps you need to take
  • Stay Fresh: No more running yourself ragged. Goodbye burnout!
  • ​Feel calmer so you're better able to manage yourself and others
  • ​Be More Productive: Stop wasting time and focus on critical tasks

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Hear From Some Amazing DNM Students

"I’m able to arrive at a kind of clarity about what to do next without having to try and do it in an intellectual way,"

"... I have a lot of drama around priorities.

I feel like choosing what to focus on in my business is really difficult for me, and it’s actually in doing less, and having a little more spaciousness around my tasks that I’m finding I’m able to arrive at a kind of clarity about what to do next without having to try and do it in an intellectual way, pros and cons, sifting through.

It’s much more effortless. And I feel like when I then pay attention to something, the attention I pay to it is richer and more productive. ... it’s changing my life completely.

  "I have seen MASSIVE change in the past few weeks" 

 I have really seen my mind settle, I am definitely more calm and grounded and also starting to explore some really amazing ideas that came to visit! I am very glad i chose this program; it was the perfect time. I can solve problems more easily I have so much more energy and so much more!"  Katerina

"I’ve been thinking about my mind and all of the things you and others teach for so long, but there was something that clicked when I tried this technique. All the theory you talk about just slotted into place.”


“I felt the same kind of peace that you feel with normal meditation. But it was easier to get there.”


“I lay down after the class yesterday and just let my thoughts run… I realized there was far less of a duel going on between the chatty voices and the part of my mind trying to control or fix them. Very interesting! There was a new peace there that I haven’t really felt in a while.”


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Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% believe in yourself... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the Do Nothing Meditation Training Program. Everything you need, you already have. It's inside you. And believe it or not, doing nothing, is the quickest way to tap into it. You find creative solutions, feel motivated, and feel better while you're doing it!


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 When You’re Part Of This Training You'll Get

a Step-By-step workbook, PLUS ...  

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Bite-Sized Video Tutorials

Work at your own pace. Most videos are no more than 5 minutes (and some are much shorter).  

Private Zoom Calls

Get inspired and get your questions answered with two, private 40 minute coaching calls. 

Guided Half Day Retreat

I'll guide you through how to have your own virtual half-day Do Nothing Meditation Retreat. 

Plus, Snag These Awesome Bonuses ...

Whose Mind Is It Anyway by Lisa and Franco Esile


FREE Training:  Productivity Bootcamp: Overcome Your Mind's resistance and Get Your Dream Done, 7 Days at a Time 

In this short video series you'll learn everything you need to know to beat your mind's resistance and get important projects done! 

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the productivity bootcamp course! As everything you have shared this is pure gold!  I have unfinished projects all the time. This is like me forever!" Katerina

Stress Reduction and Letting Go


FREE Training:  You, Stress, and Control: How to Live with Greater Ease, No Matter What's Happening

Through a series of video lessons and interactive workbook you'll learn a simple s-step process to navigating change in uncertain times, when  the world isn't doing what you want it to.


FREE Ebook: The Smart But Lazy Person's Guide to Feeling Awesome and Ultimate ALL the Time 

Get this 37–page, laugh-out-loud, insightful book and feel calmer now and learn the self improvement mistake almost everyone makes. 

The Do Nothing Meditation Program

Is The Ultimate Short-Cut to Your
"Inner Wise-Girl" (Or Guy)

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Now’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to TAKE IT.

You are one of the first students to receive comprehensive training of the do nothing meditation method. This little known method is sure to become a household name in coming years, but for now, consider yourself an early adopter. You'll learn to

  • Gain clarity around the next step
  • ​Feel Calmer and More Connected
  • ​Supercharge Your Creativity
  • ​Make​ Decisions More Easily

So when I say,

THIS is the simplest way to get your Life on Track and Feel calm, Confident, and inspired about life  ... ”

I really mean it.

Here's What Do Nothing Meditation is Not

  • ​Not another thing to add to your to do list.You'll learn new techniques and insights that will instantly help you, but you won't leave this training thinking, "And now I have to do this, too!"
  • ​Not another exercise in Mindfulness: You do not have to be "mindful" of your thoughts.
  • ​Not a practice that requires you to have a calm mind before you start. Or finish for that matter!
  • ​Not an exercise in sitting rigid. You are free to move about as you need to.
  • Not something you need to do for long periods to get the benefit.


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The Curriculum

  • Week 1: Do Nothing Meditation Basics. What it is, the 6 amazing benefits, how to find time, overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Week 2: Mind Learn the true nature of what it is to be human, understand thoughts and beliefs, how to manage unpleasant thoughts
  • Week 3 : Wisdom. What is wisdom, where do you find it, and what does it sound like. 
  • ​Week 4: Life in Balance The practice of using wisdom to help with daily life, in work and business.
  • Week 5 Guided Half-Day DNM Retreat: In the final week, we'll discuss the extended meditation, have a "Class Party" where you share the shifts and insights you've had over the previous six weeks..

5-Week Coaching Program.
Bite-sized video tutorials, two private 45-minute zoom calls with me, plus bonuses.


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